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Higanbana is tired of her job escorting souls to the underworld, but her bosses wont let her quit that easily.

****Default Controls**** 
(can be edited in launcher)
-Dash: Space
-Deflect Bullets: X
-Arrow keys for movement and to determine direction of dash/deflect

For the purposes of the GMTK game jam theme of dual or multi-purpose design, we combine offense, defense and platforming. Every action at the player's disposal serves at least two purposes.

The character has a limited number of dash charges that also act as her health. She can deflect bullets back at enemies to hurt them and regain a dash charge. By dashing through enemies she also regains a use of her charge. We also demonstrate how dashing can be used to avoid hazards, and how well placed enemies assist in traversal. Getting hit looses a dash charge, and getting hit without any charges causes game over.

This game was built with Unity. All assets were made by Team SkullBat with software we hold licenses for.


Art, Animation, Scripting, Design: Jeff Hawkins

Art, Animation, Design: Lacey Canton-Hawkins

Music: Rob Quillen

Install instructions

Download the folder, unzip and run the exe.

Customize controls for dash, block and directional input in the launcher.


Higanbana Quits Hell.zip 21 MB


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oh! it will work very good with the indiepad! Is it on indiexpo?

No, right now it's just a prototype we're considering for further development. We'll definitely keep those in mind though, thanks for the feedback!